Student Opportunities

Viewing students as potential hires, Southland ensures each intern and co-op student receives an opportunity like none other in the business. From week one, you will become a significant part of the day-to-day design-build-maintain work that has made Southland one of the best mechanical firms in the industry. And by your twelfth—and last—week, you will have established your own network ranging from peers to company leaders, understand Southland and its culture, and feel prepared you for the career you desire.

Our internship and co-op recruitment efforts coincide with fall career days at universities across the country. The applicant requirements vary per individual job description, but all interns and co-op students receive an hourly wage plus company-paid housing for the duration of student program. Learn more about the student program here.

For serious students who want to make the most of their summer, a Southland internship is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Or, if you are eager to spend a semester learning alongside some of the industry’s most talented experts, Southland’s co-op program may be right for you. Gain experience. Gain knowledge. Gain hands-on training.